Nulled Scripts

Quizely is a powerful and viral quiz script.

Now anyone can create a site similar to QuizStar, Catfly or NameTests. Quizzes have an unlimited number of configurations and capabilities, allowing you to create personalized quizzes like “Your guardian angel?”, “Who are you going to jail?”, “How much sex are you?”.

Quizzes will amuse and surprise each visitor, and they are very popular in social networks which creates an unlimited income earning potential.
You do not have to prepare dozens of results, just add random text and images, and the results will be drawn during the quiz.
In quiz You can use lot of features to make it more user friendly* :
  • Random images
  • Random texts
  • User Photos
  • User avatar
  • Avatars of friends
  • Constant images
  • Captions / avatars
  • Constant texts
  • Result button

Quizely is advanced script but it can be easly customized, for example by custom variables: You can use variables in the text boxes to modify the saved text while a user is running the Quiz. Some of the variables depend on the permissions the application has and the user is entitled to use these permissions, eg {hometown}. X in variables means another item / group, for example, {random_images_2} will get the currently drawn image from 2 group.
  • {full_name},
  • {first_name},
  • {last_name},
  • {age},
  • {birthday},
  • {hometown},
  • {location},
  • {gender}
  • {full_name_friend_X},
  • {first_name_friend_X},
  • {last_name_friend_X},
  • {full_name_random_friend_X},
  • {first_name_random_friend_X},
  • {last_name_random_friend_X}
  • {fill_first}, {fill_last}
  • {random_date|1986-01-01|1996-02-01},
  • {random_num|50|80|%}, {random_sum}, {random|(number)|(divider)},
  • {random_images_X}, {random_texts_X},
  • {random_text|Dog|Cat|Mouse|Monkey|Lion}
  • {date_now|Y-m-d H:i:s},
  • {date_now_add|number|(seconds,minutes,hours,days,months,years)|Y-m-d H:i:s},
  • {quiz_time|Y-m-d H:i:s}
User photos
  • {user_photos_X},
  • {user_photos_name_X},
  • {user_photos_created_date_X},
  • {user_photos_created_time_X}
  • {title},
  • {element_set|element_num|element1,element2,etc}



  1. MySQL database
  2. PHP version minimum 7.0
  3. Curl PHP Extension
  4. GD and Imagick Library
  5. Exif and Php Info PHP Extension
  6. Mbstring PHP Extension
  7. OpenSSL PHP Extension
  8. PDO PHP Extension
  9. Tokenizer PHP Extension
  10. XML PHP Extension

You need other modifications in script ? Ask me! It’s big chance that i will code them for free because I want to maintain Quizely for long time.

* some of feature need additional facebook permissions
** app can only get friends that used facebook app, not all of them


 Update to version 1.1
* some bug fixes
* added grid layoud changed in admin panel
* changed facebook login flow